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Index Jazz
Holiday Col., Vol 1

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Holiday Collection Vol 1


released December 2010

When John Hart recorded his CD for Index, he was showing Akiko an idea he had about a mambo version of The Grinch. I said "let's record it." I knew it would be great and I'd certainly use it somewhere. So began a tradition of each band doing a holiday song that we could use on a future release. On Nov 30, 2010, I hosted one of our regular jam sessions, this time all holiday songs, to round out the collection. Enjoy Index Jazz Holiday Collection Vol. 1.

Featuring Jerry Weldon, John Tendy, Joe Magnarelli, Akiko Tsuruga, Kyle Koehler, John Hart, Rudy Petschauer, Steve Johns, Matt Chertkoff, Colby Inzer, Jerry Sokolov, Mike Hall and Tony Regusis.